1. Immediate Removal: Any listings identified as misleading, false, or not representative of an authentic business will be immediately removed from ijebe.com without prior notice to the listing party.
  2. Account Suspension or Termination: Users found to have posted fake or fraudulent listings will face account suspension. Repeat offenders or those involved in severe misrepresentation will have their accounts permanently terminated.
  3. Financial Penalties: If a user has benefited financially from a fake listing, ijebe.com reserves the right to impose fines or seek reimbursement for any profits derived from such misleading activities.
  4. Legal Action: ijebe.com reserves the right to take legal action against individuals or entities that post fake listings or engage in fraudulent activities on our platform. This may include seeking damages for any harm caused to the platform’s reputation or other users.
  5. Notification to Other Platforms: ijebe.com may communicate with other online business directories, sharing information about users who post fake listings, to ensure the broader online community is aware and can take appropriate precautions.
  6. Loss of Privileges: Users found posting fake listings may lose access to special features, promotional opportunities, and premium services offered by ijebe.com.
  7. Public Disclosure: In cases of egregious misrepresentation, ijebe.com may publicize the details of the fake listing, including the responsible user or business, as a warning to other users and businesses.

By using ijebe.com, all users acknowledge and agree to these terms. We urge all users to act with integrity and honesty, ensuring that the ijebe.com community remains trustworthy and valuable for everyone.


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