Reznik Nadiia Ostapchuk Anatoliy Koshchenko Kateryna


The aim of the paper is to provide a new view on the practice of concept development and the implementation of strategic management in the context of the return of some agricultural enterprises to the principles of a planned economy. Lack of research on this direction makes a topic of the paper is promising for consideration. This paper provides evidence-based explanations of the problem. As a result of research followed steps were made: the components of the algorithm of actions for the main executor of the strategy are singled out; the scheme of realization of strategic planning is offered; a list of predictive calculations has been compiled, which underlie modeling of the main directions of the industry development and are necessary for forecasting the development of agriculture; the criteria and principles of sustainable regional development have been determined and a scheme for its implementation has been developed.

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strategic management, agriculture, sustainable development, countries in transition, modeling, strategic planning

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