Leonidas Papakonstantinidis


The purpose of this paper is to prove that the rationalization of the “Integrated Endogenous Local Development” should be proved to be a valuable policy mean, under the proposed methodological procedure of Sensitizing Local People, through the “animation procedure”, toward developing their own skills, capacities and therefore their place, that are asked by the local SMEs Sensitization may be proved to be the fundamental methodological tool, for building the social capital at local level, by making valuable local people’s “intrinsic inclinations”-a “term” which is stronger than “capacities”- under a new value system, and human communication. ”Sensitization” - as the upper limit of the sensitization procedure- is been approached, step by step, especially: Establishing the “bottom-up approach” in planning the development procedure at local level, Establishing the “animation procedure” among local people, Analysing local people “intrinsic inclinations” in context with a “system value”, Creating a “team psychology” among local people, Encouraging local people in finding and adopting the local “Flag Theme”. The proposed procedure may be useful, especially in small, less developed and isolated rural areas. A case-study “Women Cooperative, Gargaliani, South-West Peloponnesos”, is referred as a typical case of the development procedure, based on local people (women) animation in Greece.

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Sensitization, Animation, Social Capital at Local Level, “intrinsic inclinations” The “Sensitized Community” The “SHIELD Model”, The Integrated Local Development, Techniques of Animation, Intrinsic Inclination Motivation

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Papakonstantinidis, L. (2018). BUILDING THE SOCIAL CAPITAL IN RURAL AREAS’ SMES WOMEN COOPERATIVE, GARGALIANI, SOUTH-WEST PELOPONNESOS. International Journal of Economics, Business, and Entrepreneurship, 1(01). Retrieved from http://ijebe.com/journal/index.php/ijebe/article/view/28